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Signal Recovery


This app is a radio waves recovery app that is compatible with Android4.2 or above.It recovers the radio waves of the tablet and smartphone immediately by Cutting → Reconnecting the radio waves in use.This radio waves recovery app is not the type of app that switches the flight-mode On → Off and reconnects to Wi-Fi or communicates the data.In Android4.2 or above, it is not possible to control the On / Off flight mode automatically as in the usual way.Due to this change, re-connection of communication is no longer possible.But as most of the existing radio waves recovery app are of the type which re-connects using the On / Off flight mode, they do not work properly with Android4.2 or above.As this app is not based on the method of On → Off of flight mode, it works properly with Android4.2 and above versions.With just a single-tap on the app icon you can disconnect the radio waves being used and then reconnect it.What is radio waves recovery:When you move from the location that is out of range or with weak radio waves to the location within the range or with strong radio waves, the radio waves are not recovered immediately.Usually cell-phones receive radio waves every few minutes, therefore it is possible that you stay out-of-range for a while even though you are in the location with radio waves.(e.x.) You cannot send e-mails as still being out-of-range, even though you have come out of a tunnel.You are currently at such a location in a building where the radio waves are weak and you want to find a location where the radio waves are strong, but you cannot even wait for a few minutes to retrieve the radio waves each time you move a little.With this app, you can send e-mails as soon as you come out of the tunnel, or it is easier to find the best location for radio waves at home or in a building, as it retrieves radio waves at the location immediately.
Recommended for those who want:- An app which supports Android4.2 or above- A radio waves recovery app which works properly- A non-resident radio waves recovery app- No troublesome settings- An app which works with one tap- An app with no advertisements
How to use this app:(1) Install the app.(2) Tap the app icon.(3) Disconnect the radio waves being used and then reconnect it.(4) The app automatically completely finish.(No need to install widget)